How to stop smoking: with a little help

There are different approaches you can use to curb the habit of smoking or quit smoking altogether. The overall objective of stopping smoking is to stop using all kinds of nicotine, tobacco or non-tobacco.

Smokers who try to quit smoking usually experience withdrawal symptoms and craving for nicotine.

Pre-Execution Period

If you had attempted quitting smoking before and failed, you may want to use a different approach. As you are coming up with a smoke stopping plan, reduce the frequency of smoking tobacco to only set times in a day.

Study your smoking habits carefully and plan to avoid the scenarios tempting you to smoke. Also, make it a goal to buy fewer cigarettes and buy other goodies that you can take instead of cigarettes. 

Further, write down a list of the reasons why you want to stop smoking because they will work as motivational factors. Don’t set a date first until you have made all your plans on how you will go about quitting to smoke.

Get a Social Support System

It is highly recommended to get assistance because the majority of people who attempt to quit smoking on their own usually give up. The social support system will work as accountability partners to your journey.

Plan to see a counselor who is a medical expert. The counselor will assist you with many tips in addition to giving you a prescription for effective medical drugs you can use. You may only need to see the counselor once. In addition, consider joining a group of ex-smokers on social media. Also, avoid friends who are smokers until you completely quit smoking or ask them if they would consider joining you in kicking the tobacco smoking habit.

Prescription Medicine

There are various ways you can use prescription drugs; however, all the methods recommend you start using the drugs before your set date of quitting to smoke. Prescription medicines quench cravings and deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. They include Chantix (Varenicline) and Bupropion. You can get free Chantix through your insurance company, or if you are underinsured or uninsured, you can get almost Chantix free Prescriptions by getting a Chantix Savings Card online.

Pharmaceutical companies involved in the program accepts the card. You can also get Chantix coupons by enrolling online. The coupon can help you save up to 90% on your medications.

A Plan to Manage Cravings

Develop a plan on how you will manage cravings before you quit smoking. Cravings usually last about five minutes. Also, plan to change your traditional routines and avoid idle times by keeping yourself busy when you are craving for a cigar.

Plan to Avoid Smokers

Hanging around smokers will tempt you to smoke therefore avoid them. Plan to stay away from smoking areas at work and parties. Avoid the company of smokers as much as possible.

Instead of partying, you can go fishing, camping or hiking with non-smokers. At least just for the first few weeks.

Plan to Change Your Diet

Meat and some drinks like coffee, tea, cola, alcohol, and fizzy drinks make cigarettes taste good, therefore avoid them. Opt for foods and drinks like fruits, vegetables, cheese, juices, and water. 

Nicotine Replacement

Nicotine replacement therapies provide your body with tobacco-free nicotine. It is an effective method initially because it helps in feeding the cravings for nicotine. The treatments include lozenges, inhalers, gum patches, and nicotine gum.

Develop the Final Plan

You are likely to quit smoking if you use various methods that deal with the habit of smoking, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Develop your plan of dealing with every temptation and stick with it. Also, set the date when you will execute the plan.

Execute the Plan

When your set date reaches, execute the various strategies. In the long run, you should quit smoking and not have to use tobacco-free nicotine therapies.