I Do Not Like Pigeons

I have never been a fan of birds, and pigeons have always been at the top of my least liked birds list. When I was younger, I worked at a factory that had more than its fair share of pigeons, and I learned that they believe they have as much of a right if not more to be there than the workers who work there. That actually is one of the reasons why I don’t like birds. When I purchased a commercial building, the first thing I did was look at bird control options.

I am not heartless at all. It was not like I wanted to bring a company in to kill all the birds around the building I had just bought. I wanted them to live, but not anywhere close to where I was going to be working. I found a bird removal company that came out and did an inspection of my property. They explained that there were three things they were looking at. The first was the style of the building, because that plays a large part in what they can do. The second was the size of the actual bird population.

They explained that different methods work better if the population is small versus one that is out of control. Also, the third thing they considered was what I wanted done, since spikes, nets and other things were options. They wanted to make sure I was happy with how the building would look when they were done. That was not a consideration at all for me, so they suggested spikes that would deter the birds from landing on my roof. They like to perch on the edges, and this would prevent that. I had them install the spikes before I even opened for business, and it is one of the best decisions I have made!